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Bluesky: This new tool helps gives you personal follow recommendations

Bluesky is now one of the most popular Twitter alternatives, more and more people join the platform these days. Our tool helps to recommend new accounts and follow them right away.

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, multiple social networks have been launched or modified to be the ultimate Twitter alternative. Following Mastodon and Metas Threads, Bluesky is one of the most popular alternatives at the moment. There is only one problem: As the platform grows, it gets more and more difficult to get an overview over interesting accounts, making the onboarding process harder than it has to be.

Discover interesting accounts on Bluesky

Similar like I did with Mastodon, I have build a new tool for Bluesky that helps you on your way to discover and follow interesting accounts from your bubble. To use the tool, you have to login with your Bluesky data. While other social networks often use social logins to protect your account, Bluesky has a different approach with app passwords. You can use them to restrict access for specific applications and throw them away if you don’t want to use an app anymore. However, my app doesn’t store any data at all on my server and shows you all results only based on data in your local browser.

After logging in, the app does two things:

  1. At first, the app loads all your follows. Follows are the accounts that you follow, similar to other labels like followings or friends on other networks.
  2. Then the app loads all the follows of your follows and sorts the discovered accounts based on how many times your follows followed it. Simply put: An account is at the top of the list, if a lot of your follows follow it.

In the next step you have the option to follow or unfollow any account in the list right away. Also, the app gives you some tips: This way you can easily see if an account follows you already or if Bluesky thinks it is an impersonation.

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Über den Autor:

Ich habe als Journalist und Social-Media-Experte für t-online.de, die dpa und stern.de / Gruner + Jahr / RTL gearbeitet. Hier schreibe ich unter anderem über Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok und andere Themen rund ums Online-Marketing.

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